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The Omo Valley photography tour begins upon landing in Ethiopia at the Bole International Airport

The Omo Valley photography tour begins upon landing in Ethiopia at the Bole International Airport. The guide for the Omo Valley photography tour meets all guests’ right outside of the arrivals gate. Tour guests will know this is the guide by the signage that he will be carrying. The guide then leads guests to the hotel. TheOmo Valley photography tour officially begins that night where there will be an introductory session of the tour after dinner. Since guests will be arriving in different flights because this is not covered by the Omo Valley photography tour, guests who arrive early can tour local museums until dinner time when all guests will convene.

After introductions and social interactions are done during dinner, the group will be invited to listen in on a few important details regarding the upcoming days. The next morning is set aside for a flight to the next …

A New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise will vary between price and length of trip

The New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise is often described as taking guests to the Galapagos of the South Pacific region. The biodiversity of the region is untouched with scores of plant life along with marine and land animals. The islands make a great trip for birders and photography enthusiasts. Visiting the area via the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise matches the slow pace of life and the quiet serenity. The cruise to the islands are open to anyone who is able to secure a visa to the region. It is a very secluded area and much protected making cruising the only way to visit the islands. Not even a campsite setup is allowed to tourists. Research bases can be found in certain areas. Ships that host the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise can handle up to 100 passengers per trip.

As it is a travel package, all holiday facilities are …

How to Get Rid of the Date Stamp in Travel Photos

Are you annoyed because you accidentally enabled the date stamp on your digital camera and now all your travel photos have an unseemly red date in a corner of the frame? The good news is it’s not the end of the world if that’s the case – and you can actually get rid of the date stamp by editing the photo.


While you may not be particular fluent when it comes to photo editing, all that you really need is Movavi Photo Editor. Learning how to remove text from a picture using it is really straightforward, and can be accomplished with these steps:

  • Click ‘Browse for Images’ and select the travel photo that you want to edit.
  • Open up the ‘Object Removal’ menu and select the ‘Brush’ tool.
  • Use the ‘Brush’ to paint over the date stamp and try to highlight it as accurately as possible (the ‘Magic Wand’ or

Guyana is a South American country that sits on the Atlantic Ocean

Guyana is a South American country that sits on the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the smallest South American countries but sure packs a punch with an abundance in tourist opportunities. Guyana is especially famed for its birding species with birders from all over the world now making sure they get in at least one trip to the country to experience its birdlife. Guyana is officially an English speaking country but has strong roots in Caribbean culture. TheCaribbean influence plays greatly in a Guyana holiday and the guests are taken deep into its culture after a days’ worth of birding. There are 2 ways in which birders can undertake the Guyana birding tour and this is by flying into the country or going by cruise.

Air, is by far the preferred route for getting to the start point of the Guyana birding tour. Guests can get to Guyana much, …