A New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise will vary between price and length of trip

The New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise is often described as taking guests to the Galapagos of the South Pacific region. The biodiversity of the region is untouched with scores of plant life along with marine and land animals. The islands make a great trip for birders and photography enthusiasts. Visiting the area via the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise matches the slow pace of life and the quiet serenity. The cruise to the islands are open to anyone who is able to secure a visa to the region. It is a very secluded area and much protected making cruising the only way to visit the islands. Not even a campsite setup is allowed to tourists. Research bases can be found in certain areas. Ships that host the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise can handle up to 100 passengers per trip.

As it is a travel package, all holiday facilities are provided for as part of the package price. A New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise will vary between price and length of trip. Most of the tours are budget based though as this forms the highest demand. Holidays aboard a cruise ship are generally longer than if you were flying to your destination as it takes longer to sail. With a cruise however, guests bypass all of the stress of an airport and a plane ride. Cruises are more relaxing and you would simply relax aboard during travel time to and between the islands. Guests on the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise will have access to all amenities provided by the ship as part of their package.


This will include a private room or shared room if guests would not be travelling alone. Full room service is awarded to all guests. 3 daily meals are provided during the tour. Breakfast and supper will always take place on the ship, though if the group is travelling around to one of the many islands such as the Bounty, Aucklands and Snare Islands during the day then the midday meal will be done on the go. It can take a couple of days to get from the departure port to the islands. Guests need not be bored during New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise. As laid back as the cruise is, there are always plenty of things to occupy oneself with. On board activities are planned for those days where just sailing is done.

Cruises are fully equipped with gyms, spas and cinemas and since this is not one of those bigger ships there will not be a mad rush to secure a spot at these venues. They can be visited at leisure. If the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise is part of a birding or photographic expedition then this time is used to assimilate the group with theoretical information on what to expect once the boat reaches the islands. The islands are a World Heritage Site and a true marvel to visit. Seeing them in person is said to be stepping into another world. The region is cold and although the New Zealand Subantarctic Island cruise is done in summer months, the cold weather remains. Cruises provide a level of warmth when guests are aboard but during excursions to the islands guests will have to brave the cold and prepare accordingly.