Guyana is a South American country that sits on the Atlantic Ocean

Guyana is a South American country that sits on the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the smallest South American countries but sure packs a punch with an abundance in tourist opportunities. Guyana is especially famed for its birding species with birders from all over the world now making sure they get in at least one trip to the country to experience its birdlife. Guyana is officially an English speaking country but has strong roots in Caribbean culture. TheCaribbean influence plays greatly in a Guyana holiday and the guests are taken deep into its culture after a days’ worth of birding. There are 2 ways in which birders can undertake the Guyana birding tour and this is by flying into the country or going by cruise.

Air, is by far the preferred route for getting to the start point of the Guyana birding tour. Guests can get to Guyana much, much faster than by ship. If you would be travelling to the Guyana birding tour by plane then it should be noted that this factor is not covered by tour packages. Tour companies will lend a hand to their confirmed tour guests to be able to find the cheapest flights to Guyana for the tour. It is on the onus of the guest to be at the start point of the Guyana birding tour on time. Guests are only scheduled to become an official part of the Guyana birding tour upon landing in the Capital city of Georgetown.


On the other hand, if you will be going along on the Guyana birding tour by cruise then you would only be paying for transport to the start base of the cruise. Cruises take days to get to Guyana but are much cheaper than flights. On a cruise package, guests have the option of only doing a coastal tour where they would be based solely on the ship and venture out for the Guyana birding tour during the days or to just use the ship to get there and back again, whereupon they can indulge in more inland tours and stay over at hotels. Within Guyana, there are further choices for travel. Guests can do the entire Guyana birding tour by jeep vehicles or travel between regions through domestic airports.

Every Guyana birding tour will include trips to the popular birding areas of the country which include theRupununi Savannah, Atta Canopy Walkway and Surama Village. These are by no means the only stops but areas that will delight birdwatchers with its abundance of bird species. The Scarlet Ibis and the Guianan Red Cotinga are just 2 of the endangered species which birders hope to get a glimpse of during the Guyana birding tour since they cannot be spotted elsewhere on earth. Guyana is often overlooked by birders, when they are researching future spots to visit to expand their bird watching knowledge, for the larger and more well-known countries in the continent. The area is slowly gaining momentum though, as birders realize the opportunity for the birding of lesser known species.