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 Singapore being a little city is a great combination of amazing architecture, green parks, smelling species and all together. It is one of the cleanest and beautiful cities in the world. Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands are the prime iconic sights without them your trip would be incomplete.  The best way to explore the city in 2-day is here;

1. Cloud Forest

Singapore’s Cloud Forest comes under the ‘city garden’ concept. This huge forest inside a glass dome looks like it has come out of straight out of space. It is the mist of a 35-meter high waterfall that welcomes you inside the dome. From there, you can find numerous different rare plants from all over the world. You must take the elevator up to the Tree walk top where you can walk around and fall in love with 6 different levels of the futuristic forest.

2. …

The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months

If nature is your thing, but you are bored with the usual scope of wildlife and jungle surroundings, then the Danakil Photography tour will be just the holiday you crave. This tour will be unlike any you have ever taken and nothing you would every experience again. What makes the Danakil Depression such an alluring sight to the enlightened globetrotter would be the fact that not many people are willing to make the journey out here? Indeed, it is a hard route coupled with extreme terrain and villages who do not like outsiders trespassing on their lands. Then there is the actual Depression itself. It is so hot, it is described as hell on earth. Past visitors have described just this, though it is offset by the beauty within. The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months which is around 3 months of the year when the …