The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months

If nature is your thing, but you are bored with the usual scope of wildlife and jungle surroundings, then the Danakil Photography tour will be just the holiday you crave. This tour will be unlike any you have ever taken and nothing you would every experience again. What makes the Danakil Depression such an alluring sight to the enlightened globetrotter would be the fact that not many people are willing to make the journey out here? Indeed, it is a hard route coupled with extreme terrain and villages who do not like outsiders trespassing on their lands. Then there is the actual Depression itself. It is so hot, it is described as hell on earth. Past visitors have described just this, though it is offset by the beauty within. The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months which is around 3 months of the year when the weather is a little more bearable. Danakil Photography tour groups are kept small so that travel here is made easier. Everything needed for a trip will have to be taken along as there is nowhere to be restocked along the way. The other issue that requires for a smaller group to do the tour would lie in the photography element. Access to a world renowned photographer is what you should expect when you book the Danakil Photography tour with a reputable tour company. Groups are kept small so that each tour participant has an ample amount of time with this particular guide.


A photography tour differs from your normal holiday package deal in just one factor, photography. It basically means learning the art or improving upon the knowledge that you already have. On the Danakil Photography tour, you would be placed into a group that best serves your interests. This is so you would not drag behind or get bored. It is during the hottest part of the day that the tour group will retreat for lunch and when camera lessons are given. This will be applied when the group goes out again. In the Danakil Depression, there are no limits to the amount of angles and differential shots you would be able to take. This is the true beauty of the area, and even though it is a difficult journey, this makes up for it tenfold. Even though photography will be one of the focal points of the tour, plenty of time has been allocated to the actual exploration of the area. It is fascinating to unfold the many layers of this barren land during the Danakil photography tour. It would not seem it, lying on the edge of a desert but once reached you would be in store for active volcano sightings, salt mine visits and crystal clear lakes. The journey is not one you would be able to undertake alone. Even with a tour company, the number of staff equates the number of guests. It is vital to have this kind of support system to such a remote and dangerous place.