The Most Fun Things to try to in Jamaica

Jamaica is gorgeous and there’s no denying that, but it’s the vibe of the folks that will capture your heart. Hunt down cultural events and popular activities while you’re here to immerse yourself within the island lifestyle. Take the youngsters to urge up close and private with the stunning nature of Shore excursions in Jamaica. Hamper and luxuriate in nature and art all around you, Jamaican style. We’ve had the chance to go to Jamaica a few times during our travels, and that we pack tons of activities in Jamaica each trip!

 Scuba diving. Skin diving enthusiasts can dive in Jamaican waters and luxuriate in the numerous and colorful marine life without straying too far away from shore. 

Aquatic sports. Additionally, to diving or sailing, visitors can enjoy sporting activities during their visit to Jamaica, like skin diving, water skiing, parachute skiing while being towed from a ship, fishing, and trips on clear bottomed boats.

Horseback riding. Jamaica’s landscape offers the chance to enjoy a pleasing ride through the countryside while the visitor gets a touch closer to typical Jamaican culture, by visiting villages and sugar cane plantations.

Golf. The island features 12 stunning golf courses where sports fans can practice their best shots. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, the fields have a good sort of game obstacles.

What are the unique things to try in Jamaica?

There are many unique things to do in Jamaica to try to that other islands don’t sort of a bioluminescence tour, the amazing Pelican Bar and therefore the Jamaican Bobsledding. We’ve tried most things to try in Jamaica and our favorites are swimming with Horses, The Black River Safari, and Bamboo Rafting the Martha Brae River.