Tours, Attractions & desert trips in Morocco

Morroco is a country which rich history and heritage and also has stunning views, especially considering the fact that it has numerous deserts such as the Sahara. Unfortunately, since you are in the desert all of the Morocco desert tour do take days at a time and more than likely you will need to do “real” outside camping. So on to the first question.

What is the best Marrakech desert tours ?

An article in indicates there are a vast array of activities that can be done in the Sahara desert. If you enjoy getting massages one thing that is unique to the Sahara desert is you can have Berber men dig up holes where you can bask in the sand and then lie down for up to 30 minutes and water is included.

How to Get the Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

One of the nice things about going to basically anywhere in that area of the world is you can ride a camel and that is something which is Africa-like. The potential downside to going to the Sahara desert is it is quite literally in the middle of now where. To give you an idea it is approximately 10 hours from Marrakesh which is a major city in Morroco. According to an article in the Merzouga desert tours that you can also get from Marrakech where you can get astonishing views from up to 492 feet high, according to the same article..

Which desert tour should you choose

One thing there is no question about is you don’t have a lack of tours to choose from as there are several deserts in Morroco you can get tours of. Some of the more popular deserts go at least 10 hours out to Marrakesh and Marrakech My personal opinion of this is what you want to get out of the trip. With most tours you can learn about the history and/or get a lot of breaththaking views along the way. Another thing to take into consideration is how much time you have. The reason for this is because of the vast amount of distance even the shortest tours take a minimum of two days. According to you can go through the Atlas mountains, experience excellent views of Draa valley and you also get to ride a camel along with experiencing one night of camping, according to the same site.

If your more into the history than the views a better option may be a historical and heritage tour. Here are the names of the top best historical and heritage tour agency

Topic 4 : Should I book a group tour or private trip to the Sahara Desert

This one depends on how much time you have. Keep in mind that if you do choose to book a group tour you will need days at a time. You also have the option of renting a car so you will want to to weigh the costs of both before deciding. If you don’t know much about the Sahara desert it would be wise to book a tour so you have someone to show you around and truly help you appreciate what you are seeing.

Cost of Marrakech desert tours

Marrakech desert tours can range from about 33 euros up to 150 euros per person depending on how long you want your tour to be.

How long does it take to get to the Sahara desert from Marrakech

Ten hours, assuming you travel by car.

In order to take a “true” Morrocan tour one must have some camping skills. If this is a skill that you lack it may not be a bad idea to practice for a weekend a time or two before you go. While you can visit the Sahara in person you can go as far away as Marrakech and still enjoy the illustrious views and history in order to enjoy Morrocco.