Thailand on a Budget: Top Tips to Keep in Mind

Thailand is popular as a holiday destination for its vibrant culture, diverse holiday offerings, and the gorgeous landscapes. There is something for everyone in Thailand, regardless of the kind of holiday experience you want to have.

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Thailand is also famous for being very affordable. As a popular destination in Southeast Asia, the country is not only friendly to international travelers, but also inexpensive. You can travel to Thailand on a budget and save even more money with the next few tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article.

Holiday Rentals to the Rescue

Being a popular travel destination, there is no shortage of amenities ready to pamper you, no matter where you are in Thailand. If you’re planning to explore the country on an extended holiday, however, the best way to go is by renting an apartment.

Holiday rentals are becoming very popular in the country. Apartments in big cities such as Bangkok and Phuket Town are very affordable. You can also get apartments in more exotic locations; you can actually rent one of the best Patong apartments and enjoy the view of the beach out of the window.

Try the Street Food

Street food in Thailand is very cheap. They are well-made too, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the risk of food poisoning when trying food from different street vendors. That said, there are a few things you need to know about trying the street food in Thailand.

First of all, you want to buy food from a busy vendor. A busy stall means faster turnaround time, so you get freshly cooked food at affordable prices. Since the prices are so great, you can also try different dishes without breaking your holiday budget.

Learn to Use Public Transport

Sure, you can take a taxi everywhere. It is easy to hail a cab in Thailand, plus you now have ride sharing apps on your side. That said, taxi rides can still be expensive, especially if you travel by taxi quite often. Buses and other public transport are the best options for a budget-friendly trip in Thailand.

Thailand has a public transportation system that is very easy to use. Routes are clearly defined and easy to understand, plus a bus ride costs no more than 20 cents. Imagine how much you can save once you are accustomed to the buses and trains.


While Thailand is no stranger to tourists, you will still find two prices when visiting popular tourist attractions or making other purchases. The prices for locals are much lower than those for tourists. Some spots have official tourist prices and you’ll have to pay the higher prices to access them. That said, you can haggle for better prices most of the time.

Haggle when shopping for items. Ask for the prices before ordering food and make sure you get a firm price (and haggle for a better one) if you choose to take a motorcycle ride in Thailand. Haggling alone can help you save up to 80% on most things you buy in the country.

Thailand is a very affordable country to visit, but these budget travel tips will help you make your trip to this wondrous country even more inexpensive. Don’t forget to check out our other Thailand guides for places to visit and holiday activities to try.