The British bird fair is an annual event held in England

The British bird fair is an annual event held in England. The fair has been heralded as a birders dream. It does not matter if you are new to bird watching or have been partaking in the concept for decades on end. The British bird fair is open to everybody. The weekend long affair is jam packed with affairs relating to birding. Each year the British bird fair explores a different theme, all related to the avian topic. Past themes have included the Wetlands project and protecting migratory birds. All funds raised from the event is sent towards the theme being honoured by that year’s British bird fair. People come from all over the world to enjoy the many aspects put forth by the fair organizers. It is almost 3 decades old and through the years the fair has grown to accommodate thousands of visitors. The British bird fair is indeed one of the highlights of a birders calendar. The show encompasses great many things but the topic of bird conservation is always highlighted.


Each year, the event plays host to a noted birder who hosts the keynote address of the weekend. It is much looked forward to by the birding community. All things related to birding are covered during the weekend. The top birding companies are always present. At the British bird fair, you will find travel companies who are solely dedicated to birding trips. These are holidays to exotic places around the world, yet with a focus on just birding. All of your normal holiday factors are included in the package but it also comes with a birding guide who will help you get much more out of the trip. The idea behind birding trips is to travel to places around the world with a lot of endemic birding species and to then find them and add them to your birding list while marvelling at their uniqueness. Birding trips help you get maximum levels of opportunity during a limited overseas holiday. At the British bird fair, you will be able to find some of the most noted birding travel companies in the world and explore their offerings in detail.

Birding tour companies provide great packages to be able to go to the British bird fair and explore the biggest birding festival in the world. The most popular tour package is the 2 week full access package. Now although the British bird fair is only 3 days long, it would be a waste to visit the Wetlands region without scheduling in some time to go birding in the noted area. The region is famed for a good amount of birding opportunities and indeed much so during the time of year that the British bird fair is held. Travel packages are not just a great way to travel affordably but in the case of this kind of trip, the organizers have a much better shot at getting you into the acclaimed lectures and activities set forth by organizers of the show. To truly get the most out of the British bird fair, it is highly recommended to book through a travel company.