Where to go and what to do with the kids in your free time

Work may be the only constant in the life of many of us, but life shouldn’t be always about work. We should work to live, not live to work and this is why we always say that whenever you get a bit of free time you should take your kids on a family day out. If you don’t have free time, make some!

Now that you have time to spend with your family, it can be difficult to find the best way to spend that time together, and many families don’t go out as much as they should go because of previous bad experiences. If you don’t want to become that kind of family or if you had bad experiences before then it’s time to start learning some good places where families are welcomed.


A family friendly place can do wonders for good family day out so it is crucial that you find that place which is best suited for your type of family. A great place to find out about fabulous family friendly locations is Family Days Out. Here you will be able to find family friendly locations such as theme parks, scenic parks, family nature routes and much more. Find which is the best theme park or activity for you family, get in the car and go!

In addition to family friendly places, activities are also very important because a fun and energetic activity for your kid can be also educative and it will also put him to sleep better at night. Depending on your type of family you can visit a forest and organize an impromptu forest fairy tale. Isn’t this one of the easiest thing in the world? Just find two broken branches, improvise a paper helmet and let the magic of the childhood do the rest, as you will find yourself in a battle with dragons, knights and kings in no time.

If the weather outside does not allow for a family nature or theme park trip, why not organize a great activity in the inside? Grab a lego set and start building a magic lego world together! This will train both the dexterity of your kids and their brain because putting a lego puzzle together can definitely be a pretty complex task!

If none of the above work, here comes one of the easiest ideas, but probably also one of the best activities that a parent can do with their kids, without ever having to leave the house. Ever heard of Gulliver’s world? Well, why not try it with the kids. Hide under the bed; take the bed sheets and start creating a magical world of small objects for giant people! Anything can be used, from the remote control to paper files and pencils. You just need to find the child inside you and your kid will have the best play partner in the world.