Tips to make most out of Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities which are famous for man-made archipelagos and also seven star hotels. Apart from these structures, UAE is also a home of an adventure spot which is also known as “desert safari”. For individuals and families who are planning to travel to Dubai, they must take this 20-30 minutesDesert Safari Dubai tour.While travelling through the desert or over the dunes, one might feel awfully hot. However, preparing for it appropriately can help you have an amazing experience of the safari.

Keep yourself protected from sun

Never ever leave your hotel room without sunscreen. Even though you would be travelling in an air conditioned jeep, still it is possible that you get sunburns. Apart from sunblock, also make sure to carry your shades so that you get to witness the beauty of place with open eyes. If it seems possible to you, it would be good to cover your face with added protection and save yourself from any form of dust or sand.

Stay Light

Don’t forget dune bashing can get a bit bumpy, so in order to enjoy the most of it make sure to eat light lunch or breakfast. It is even advisable to avoid drinking too much water as it might cause discomfort at the time of travelling.

Carry camera along with you

Even though sand dunes and desert is going to be extremely hot, the beauty of desert is going to take your breath away. This time, it would be difficult to resist yourself from taking a picture. So make sure to carry a camera along with you that is fully charged and has capacity to function for a long period of time.


Stay calm and relaxed

Drive through desert and sand dunes is surely going to be an adventurous one, especially when you will be on those 4×4 jeeps. To ensure that your heart does not pumps up too much and you experience fun and joy, make efforts to stay relaxed. Keep in mind that person driving the jeep is a professional driver and he shall ensure to keep you safe throughout the journey.

Comfort yourself

Unlike, other places don’t dress up with glamorous clothes that need attention and care. Instead choose to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes that gives you the freedom to make most of the adventurous thrilling tour. I am sure while returning through camel ride, you would want to be in comfortable wear such that you can easily ride and get down from the camel.

Share the amazing experience with loved one

Memories can be made all the more beautiful when it is shared with your loved ones. So, try to plan your Desert Safari Dubai tour with your partner, family or friend who is close to you. There is something so soothing and beautiful about the desert safari that is going to bring you and your loved one closer.

Make wise choice of shoes

It might seem unadvisable to wear open toed shoes or flip flop while travelling, but it can be a feasible option when you are travelling in desert. I am sure while trekking through sand you would want to wear shoes that are comfortable and can be taken off easily to dump out the sand.

Carry some items to drink

As you will findintensely high temperature in the desert, it is obvious that you feel thirsty. So no matter if your trip lasts for 20 minutes or gets extended for the whole day, carrying something to drink is always the right thing to do. Water is one of the best options you can choose. However, you can also choose to pick other beverages depending on your taste and preference.

Choose to do Desert Safari at the time of Sunset

Sunset during the desert safari is going to be one of the breathtaking experiences of your life. So make sure to plan your trip in such a way that you get the chance to witness sunset closely and experience its astounding beauty.

The Last Words

Following tips mentioned above can really be helpful in planning a convenient Desert Safari Dubai tour wherein you can make the most out of your journey and create some beautiful lifetime memories.