Sailing on a cruise to the Bahamas – Few important things to consider

The picture-perfect beaches found in the Bahamas make it such a popular vacation destination for millions of tourists in a year, especially for the Americans and the cruise ship visitors. In the Bahamas, there is a wide range of cultural, historical and natural attraction of the country but like most of the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas is also a pretty costly destination to cover. It is through a little bit of dedication and smart planning that you can get more bang for your buck as you begin indulging in every single thing that this awesome place has to offer you.

So, if you’re interesting in traveling on a cruise to the Bahamas, you need to make sure you’re taking an informed and weighed decision and that you’re carrying all the required things along with you. Due to the proximity of the Bahamas with the south-eastern US, cruise ships can run you through different routes of various lengths. Let’s check out few packing tips for the cruises despite the fact that cruises include most on-board amenities.


Take care of the clothes that you pack

Whenever you’re planning to go onboard the cruise, you should prepare yourself for warm weather as temperatures are high and they run above 90 degrees during the months of summer season. Carry light-colored and lightweight clothing and definitely a pair of comfortable shoes which are good choices. In case you love to spend time on the beach or in a swimming pool, don’t forget to carry swimsuits. Moreover, you should also check with the cruise line whether or not there is special attire for formal nights and at the dining room. For instance, the Royal Caribbean demands men to wear suits and ties and women to wear cocktail dresses.

Items for personal care

Cruise lines usually try their best to offer different types of comforts for the passengers and they even offer complimentary items for personal care like conditioner, shampoo and razors.  Before you pack the same things in your luggage, you can check with the cruise line so that you don’t repeat the same things. Since you will head on to the beach, your sunscreen will definitely be the best thing to pack because the rest of the trip will be ruined in case you become sunburned.

Important documents and money

Once you embark towards the Bahamas, it is best to use cash for payment during purchases. This is the best way of avoiding any kind of exchange fees on credit cards and it can also allow you to negotiate a better deal in the shops across the island. The Bahamas islands accept American dollars almost everywhere and hence you won’t face any such issue with your dollars. For American travelers who are traveling from South Florida to the Bahamas may need their passports to re-enter the US. So, keep these documents handy.

The Bahamas has recently gained enough momentum due to its pristine beaches and lovely places to visit. If you too are planning to visit the Bahamas for your next vacation, book a cruise and sail to your dream destination.