Travel companies have strict regulations when it comes to their guides and being bilingual is one of them

One of the most important reasons that people clamour for spots on holiday tours such as the Japan Photography tour, is the tour guide. The best of guide is always associated with a travel company and therefore this is the route to go with in getting the best one. They provide many functions during the Japan Photography tour. First up they take the lead on the tour in its entirety. Their job is basically to oversee every aspect of the Japan Photography tour. This will start on the initial day of the tour. Tour guests may already be in Tokyo and can meet the guide at the hotel or guests will have scheduled their flight to land on the start day. In this case, the guide is around to do the airport pickup and transport them to the hotel.

After a bit of rest, the group convenes where the tour guide will do the introductions and lay out the plan of action for the coming week or weeks. Outings start immediately afterwards because there simply is no time to waste. English is not the main medium in Japan and at times it can get very confusing for tourists. Travel companies have strict regulations when it comes to their guides and being bilingual is one of them. The entire Japan Photography tour group will then have a much easier time travelling the cities. The next job of the tour guide is to be an expert of sorts on Japan. This will include factors such as geography, history, culture and cuisine.


Instead of reading from a tour book, guests will have the opportunity to not miss any of the sights. The guide is in charge of everything so guests on the Japan Photography tour will not even have to worry about how they will be getting from place to place or bother with the arduous task of checking in and out of a hotel. The final duty of the guide on the Japan Photography tour is the art of capturing images. For this tour, guests will bring along their own camera. It does not need to be anything fancy though digital SLX cameras will yield the best photos. After the initial component of the tour is done, the photography element comes into play. Guests will then get a chance to go about and take pictures.

The tour is compiled so that guests always have unique places to visit and different pictures. The Japan Photography tour group is also kept small so that guests do not bump into each other or have to wait for open spots, or to get some guidance from the instructor. At the end of every day, the group gets to print out their pictures. The guide goes through all of these with guests and gives pointers on areas that can be improved such as focusing the camera better and using lighting at the correct angles. Guests leave the Japan Photography tour not just with memories but quality photos that can be brought out to remember the trip for years to come.