A tour package that is not likely to always pop up is the Chad tour

A tour package that is not likely to always pop up is the Chad tour. A substantial country in Africa, it is often overlooked for more popular options. This is slowly changing and travel agencies are making more of an effort to make a trip to the country more affordable and accessible. The Chad tour can only be done by people who have obtained a permit to travel the country. Luckily, this is an inclusion when booking a spot in a Chad tour package. This is a travel permit and allows for just a month in the country. The typical tour of Chad takes around 3 weeks. The country is quite large and it takes time to get from city to city. Even if the budget is not an option, private planes do not have much landing spaces due to the mountainous and desert terrains.


For this reason, road travel is the used transportation method. Guests on the Chad tour will have a minibus type vehicle which will be used to travel between parts. This will be more than sufficient to hold all participants as well as their bags. Groups are kept to a maximum of 10 people on the Chad tour. It allows for a better spacing when visiting the various sites which in turn allows for each tour guests to have ample space to take photographs and such without bumping into one another. We must also remember that much of the Chad tour is spent in the wild. A smaller group will likely remain much quieter and attract much less attention from the animals. Chad is a country which houses all of the big 5.

The country is warm in nature but does without the humidity found in the southern regions making it a better bet for those who want to go on a safari but cannot handle the heat. A smaller number of people on a single Chad tour also allows for more interaction between the tour guides. Your voice would probably be lost in a larger group which is why this is avoided when numbers are being planned. Smaller numbers also means that guests can travel faster from place to place and do not have to wait around endlessly to board a bus. The Chad tour begins in Ndjamena.

The flight here is not a part of the tour but the travel company does arrange for a flight to get their guests there early on the first day of the Chad tour. Travelling begins immediately, as guests embark for the plains around Lake Chad. A local tribal village here is where the first night of the Chad tour is spent. TheKereda tribe is one of the most welcoming people you will ever get to meet. A highlight of visiting them is getting the chance to ride on camels to tour the area which is rich in vegetation and ancient wall art. The middle portion of the tour focuses on the wildlife. The end part of the Chad tour is dedicated to camping in the desert ruins of Ounianga. One is said to get a feel of how ancient man truly lived. From here it is back to the Capital city for the flights back home.