One of the greatest animal safaris on the planet has got to be Rwanda gorilla tours

One of the greatest animal safaris on the planet has got to be Rwanda gorilla tours. Done in just one National Park which houses around a dozen species of gorillas, it is one of the most fascinating trips a person can take. Rwanda gorilla tours can be done at any part of the year as the weather really does not restrict the tour. There is a rainy season though these are hardly torrential by any means. The light rains do make it uncomfortable to trek in the mud though during this season, permits into the park are cheaper.

There is not much travelling on Rwanda gorilla tours. Guests would have to just get themselves to Kigali, the city that the park is based at and stay at one of the nearby lodges which is just a few minutes’ drive. The guided tour itself is done at the Volcanoes National Park. It is the only one of its kind in the world. Nowhere else would you be able to see such a wide array of gorilla species in one place. This does not mean that they all habitat together. On the contrary, guests on Rwanda gorilla tours would have to find each of the groups.


This is why around 4 days is needed for just visiting this one place. The park itself is huge and consists of forests and small mountains. People are only allowed in as part of a tour group and there must be a guide along with an armed guard. Luckily, the tour guide knows exactly the spots that they live at and can take guests directly there. The trek to these spots have been structured to be the shortest hike possible and the safest. Before any of this actual trekking can happen though, guests on Rwanda gorilla tours must sit through a briefing where they will receive guidelines on gorilla etiquette. This would include the distance that the group must maintain at all times. The group will be just a few metres away from the gorillas and is quite a thrilling experience.

The gorillas at this point are used to human interaction and do not bother with running away or attacking the group. However there are instances where they may venture closer to the group and guests must remain calm until they go away. Guests will also be told how to act during the tour such as being quiet and still. As long as people on Rwanda gorilla tours take the advice of the guide, there should be no problems. There will be no drinks or foods allowed to be consumed while the gorillas are nearby. People who have colds and the flu will not be allowed into the park, to protect the gorillas from catching it as well. It is quite a hike to get to a spot to see the gorillas and although quite tiring is a worthwhile trip when you get to see them in their natural setting. The gorillas will go about with their routine and the group gets to watch with interest. Some of the sights that will greet guests will be of their social acts, feeding and grooming habits and so on.
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