Go Shopping On Your Holiday To Bandung!

Shopping. It is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. People love to add a little retail therapy to their days. Especially during a vacation. There is something about getting away from it all that makes shopping seem extra exciting. During your trip to Bandung, Indonesia? There are plenty of great places to get your shop on. From shopping malls to factory outlets and small boutiques. You will never run out of places to pick up souvenirs or snag a fantastic new outfit. Get ready! Here are some of the very best places to go shopping on your holiday to Bandung.


Go Shopping At The Cihampelas Walk. Your vacation is already off to a great start. You are staying at The Trans Luxury Hotel and have booked from Traveloka. The next thing on your agenda is to do some shopping. One great place to do it is at Cihampelas Walk. This is a modern shopping mall – complete with open-air walkways. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming. Oh and there are many different places to shop. Like specialty stores as well as popular chain stores. Visitors to the Cihampelas Walk can also enjoy a fantastic meal. There are restaurants absolutely everywhere.


Check Out The Many Outlets At Jalan Riau. There is something about budget shopping. Everyone likes to get a good deal on new items! So if bargain shopping is on your mind then spend some time over at Jalan Riau. This is by far one of the most visited shopping centres Bandung. Largely because of its amazing deals. There are many many different factory outlets to visit. Some of the standout stores you can find there include Anthropology, Heritage, ForMen, and The Secret. Something to remember? Wear shoes that are super comfortable. You will be doing a whole lot of walking from place to place.

Head To Paris Van Java To Do Some Shopping. Yet another great place to go shopping has to be Paris Van Java (also known as PVJ). This place has over 5000 square metres of shops. Talk about a full day of shopping! It is sure to be an exciting experience. There are many mid-range shops to explore, like Nike, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Sogo Department Store, Symbolize, and so much more. You can find gorgeous new clothes, accessories, footwear, and everything in between. Another bonus? There are a ton of great places to grab some food as well. Restaurants and fast food places. You will have no problem re-fuelling for your next round of shopping.


Get Your Shop On Over At Rumah Mode. The last entry on the list? The amazing Rumah Mode. This place is all about high-end brands. There are shops like Burberry, Zara, Paul Frank, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Not a bad way to spend your time in Bandung! This is definitely the place to be if you love clothing – or feel like splurging on something special. Just aim to visit on the weekdays if you can. This will help you avoid some of those massive shopping crowds.