The Stans tour takes place across five different countries

The Stans tour takes place across five different countries. That’s 5 countries to visit and explore, all in one tour package. Its great value for money. 5 countries should provide lots of exciting new places to discover and the Stans tour does not disappoint. In fact let us take a look at some of the unique places to visit which offers experiences which cannot be found elsewhere on Earth. The first would have to be Dushanbe. It is the arrival city of the Stans tour and although time is set aside for guests to settle into their hotels, many just want to get out and explore as soon as they can. The city hosts the largest library in Central Asia, with over 11 million books, some of them even cultural artefacts, making the visit somewhat of a museum tour also.

Also of interest would be the flagpole at Independence Square. A visit here is not just for shopping of local items but for a visit to see the tallest flagpole in the world. Khiva is one of the stops also and provides the Stans tour guests with an opportunity to tour one of the most unique cities on the planet. This statement is not made lightly. The city is often described as being the unofficial seventh wonder of the world. Inspired by Islamic architecture built over the course of 600 years, the design of the city is a marvel to the eyes. The Geisav Valley requires a fair amount of time on the Stans tour, for 2 very different tourist activities.


This would be the Chasmahot springs which are known to have wondrous healing effects on the body. Also the landscape makes for lovely photos. The area is a must stop for photography experts and amateurs alike. A lot of photography opportunities arise on the Stans tour but it is the Geisav Valley which is not inhabited by people or animals, along with the structure of the rockeries and grasslands along the narrow rivers that make it so perfect. It is a very remote area, yielding the most amazing landscape photos. Langar is the city with the most amount of forts on the Stans tour.

The Stans countries are famed for the amount of forts but the Khakha fort in Langar is a must, simply for the fact of how it still stands to this day. The pit stop for the Langar part of the Stans tour is an ancient Buddhist stupas. The Stans countries also have some of the most truly remote tribal cultures on the planet. It is an interesting experience to get to visit them as they shun modern living and all of its luxuries for a simpler way of life, as lived by their ancestors. Osh is the oldest city in Kazakhstan. It is reached in the final stretch of the Stans tour. The area is a welcome relief, with the increased greenery and lower altitude. Home to a National Park, Osh allows for some wildlife viewing of some very rare animals, rounding up its spot as one of the top 5 most unique places on the Stans tour