The must in Chicago by Travelgenio

Ok, it is time to prepare your trip to Chicago. A perfect destination for many type of travellers, you just have to start your travel guide.

How? First of all, decide when you are going to travel and then find the best flights through some of the best online travel agencies like Travelgenio, where you can find an easy searcher that will help you in your booking. If you need a car rental or you want to contract an assurance, this is also your page.

Chicago is getting more and more popular to many European travellers that want to visit another modern American city apart from NY. Of course, it has its own type of traveller, but the truth is that, it does not matter what you are looking for because Chicago will improve all your expectative.

Of course, once you have everything, including your hotel, you must design your trip and take a look and plan all the things you can do in this American city.


Attractions in Chicago

–          WillisTower: we are not talking about one tower more, no. We are talking about the second highest tower in North America. Here, moreover, you can try to prove your courage in the Skydeck Chicago, a suspended glass box that will show you everything from its more than 304 meters hight.

–          Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain: located in the GrandPark, it is one of the most famous attractions in Chicago. Just by walking around it, you will find some of the most beautiful sights of the skyline of this city.

–          Architecture: we are not able to leave without mention nothing here, so just open your eyes and enjoy with all the incredible architecture you will find in this city. From the most traditional skyscrapers to the most modern options for buildings, this city is a reference for any architectural lover.

–          Navy Pier: such as the image you can have in your mind if you think about Coney Island, the Navy Pier is a place to enjoy some of the amusement parks you will find in its promenade. Museums, restaurants, you have to spend here your leisure time to discover the real heart of the marvellous and funny Chicago.

–          Arts: of course, once there, you cannot miss the possibility to discover some of the most interesting theatres and spectacles. You are going to travel to one of the most famous arts cities in the United States, so enjoy by buying your tickets to some of the works you will find there.

–          Museums: there are many museums you can visit during your stay in Chicago. The Children’s Museum, the Science and Industry one, the HistoryMuseum, the ContemporaryArt Museum…whatever you like, you will find it here.

It all these are not enough to make you think about this destination, just take a look to all the images you will find on the Internet and you will understand why this is the place you should, at least, visit once in your life.