Why on the Earth would one visit Tel Aviv out of all places? The question sound so wrong in itself lets, have a look at the question that should have been asked instead! Why on the Earth would one Not visit Tel Aviv? It provides you with every reason to be there. Starting from the international airport which operates on mainly two airlines one of them being the very famous ELAL, which deals with almost all international flight services to Tel Aviv. If leisure is your dream, then you truly deserve it and you would definitely like to thanks Tel Aviv for the opportunity it provides you with.


The best places to visit:

  • Markets:

There are an en number of markets that you can visit yet you cannot cover up by the end of your trip. Let us have a look at few very best:

–          Carmel market: want to hear your vendor singing out the prices to you? Definitely this is the place. The beautiful sights and smells of all the products, will make you fall in love with them. No harassing or forceful selling, forget up selling, this market is a place of definite visit.

–          Levinsky Market: Yes if you want to take home that bag filled with the Mediterranean spices, to make some beautiful tasting mouth watering foods, for all your loved ones to gorge on then this is the place. You have to go nowhere else. Roasted nuts, exotic spices, pickled delicacies, gourmet cheeses, and need i name more for you to jump right here out of excitement?

–          Nahalat Binyamin: Did you ever hear of a special market selling art? May be not or maybe yes, you may have heard but definitely nothing as amazing as this you have ever seen.  Opened on Tuesdays and Fridays this market is an art fair where people sell their beautiful handiwork to others.

  • The free tour areas:

Yes the city has set areas that you can visit on foot, as they believe that the best way to see the city and keep their city green is by seeing the city on foot. The city has English guided tours at its top points. You do not need a guide or a time schedule, you are just supposed to reach the meeting point and then do the tour all alone. There are tours like the white city tours and the Old Jaffa tour.

  • The beautiful museums:

There are an en number of museums to visit and the list will start falling short if one mentions each name. There are people who visits the museums and have a memory that sooths them for a lifetime. This historically enriched city gives you a lot, to take home.

  • Ben Gurion International:

How an airport makes to this list? It definitely does, it is an extremely beautiful airport from where you start your journey, with flights from airlines like ELAL, which provides service for all international flights. For example if one is visiting from Canada then there is only one flight from Toronto, and it nearly takes about 11 hours to reach.