How to choose a good car audio system?

Nowadays there is a great choice of car accessories on the market. When you select any equipment for your vehicle you need to be careful and follow certain rules. This also concerns car audio systems.

What audio systems to choose? What should you pay attention to? In the following article you will find the answers.
The first thing to consider when choosing a audio systems is the manufacturer. There are many of them, but it should be noted only those whose products are really quality. These companies are Akira, Akai, Digital, LG, Pioneer, JVC, Sony. You should choose the audio systems basing on a definite amount of money that you have. Usually, the more expensive audio systems, the better it is. But do not forget that you spend your money in order to have more or less good sound quality in your Nissan Maxima or Honda Civic. Remember that sound quality also depends on the speakers themselves.

One of the most important characteristics of a car audio systems is its output power. In short, this is the maximum power that a car audio systems can lodge in the audio systems speakers. Accordingly, the higher this index is, the higher the volume.


Sound quality of a car audio systems depends on different factors:

1. Sensitivity of the tuner.

2. Ability to switch between mono and stereo modes.

3. The number of channels (as many channels, so many speakers can be connected).

4. The ratio between signal and noise (the figure should exceed the mark of 90 dBA).

5. The level of the linear output (the higher the voltage, the lower the noise level, respectively).

As for the audio systems functionality, as well as opportunities to expand your car audio system, you should pay particular attention to the following factors:

1. Various additional connectors are needed to connect devices (such as CD-changer or an external antenna). They are located on the back panel.

2. There are also different kinds of inputs and outputs. Headphones are connected with those that are on the front panel. Inputs and outputs on the rear panel are responsible for connecting a subwoofer, amplifier and speakers.

3. The tuner is designed for receiving audio systems waves. It is desirable that the range of receiving audio systems frequency would be as wide as possible.

4. You will also need different systems of noise reduction and adjusting the balance between the speakers, an equalizer.
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To sum up, it is necessary to mention that if you spend a little time behind the wheel, you should not invest a lot of money in your sound. Moreover, almost all modern cars come with good quality audio systems. However, if you are a big music fan, you should definitely consider upgrading your vehicle with more powerful audio system.