Upcoming SEA Games – Get Ready for Action.!!

SEA, popularly known as SouthEast Asian Games I  just around the corner and we all are excited about the Asian countries that will fight it out for the Gold medals. The event will start from 5th and will continue up to 16 June 2015. The sports are held every 2 years and there are currently 11 countries that participate in the event.

The SEA games are popular for belonging to the Asian subcontinent and provides lots of opportunity for athletes that perform their heart out to bring Gold to their country. The pride of many nations such as Myanmar, Thailand, Bangkok, China and more are at stake in the upcoming SEA Games. So, which nation are you supporting?

The SEA games came into existence on 22 May 1958, when delegates from the SEA peninsula meet up and conceptualized the idea of holding the Games and decided to establish a sports organization.

The 2015 SouthAsia will start with an inaugural football match that will keep the best football fans hooked to the event.

Official stats suggest that over 7000 athletes from 11 countries will participate in the event, making it one of the biggest sports event in the calendar year.

Another beautiful aspect of the events is the mascot chosen to represent the event. The mascot is named, “Nila” and is designed at the point of representing a cute mascot that covers itself from top to bottom with overloaded cuteness. The face is kept heart-shaped as a symbol of love and affection and the attire is either a bluesporting attire or a signature Tracksuit.


Other important stats that reveal the scale is the number of events held in the SEA 2015. There will be 402 events covering 36 sports, covering a period of 11 days.

SEA being only South Asian countries event has been criticized for the inclusion of popular sports in the event. The inclusion of  thetype of sports depends on the hosting nations and that hampers lot of athletes that get disappointed because of last-minute dropouts. The host capacity to drop and introduce new sports according to their convenience have already caused a lot of criticism all across the sports community. The reason is simple; the host might drop sports that produce no medals and also can choose to drop sports that the rivals are good at.

Statistically, Thailand has won the most number of medals with a tally of 889 until now. They are followed by Singapore with 654 medals and the third place is taken by Burma with a close run at 619 medals.SEA is one of the best sporting events and you should not miss it, considering the talent and historical significance the event carries.