Buy Or Rent – Which Is The Best Way To Holiday In North Wales?

Caravanning offers an affordable means of holidaying, and as well as providing the freedom that comes from being able to set your own itinerary and not have to worry about heading through reception, you can also enjoy access to park facilities as well as the facilities in your own caravan. What’s more, caravan parks are typically situated in the countryside, or just outside the busy bustle of the big towns and cities. Knowing whether to buy or rent a caravan, however, can be a difficult decision.

Renting a caravan typically means that you pay a fee for the period that you wish to stay. You can choose from a selection of caravans, considering the facilities and the size of the van, as well as the location and the amenities that are offered by the park. You will be able to use all of the park facilities, although there may be additional benefits only available to caravan owners.

Renting a caravan means that you are not tied down or committed to any contracts or the payment of site fees. If you take a number of holidays a year, it means that you can pick and choose location every time you plan a holiday, without having to commit to visiting the same area unless you want to. You do not have to pay the same up-front fees as you would to buy a caravan.

However, renting does mean that you will typically end up paying more a year than you would if you rented. It also means that if your favourite caravan park is booked up for the period that you want to go on holiday, then you will have to look elsewhere or book for a different time.


Buying a caravan means choosing a park, paying a large fee to purchase the caravan, and it also means that you will have to pay site fees. Site fees can vary according to the park that you use, but will typically equate to thousands a year. However, over the space of a few years and considering resale values, you should make this additional money back if you take family trips a few times a year.

Once you have purchased a caravan, you no longer need to book to go away. Instead, you can pack up your things whenever you get a couple of days, and you can take guests with you to stay as well. The freedom to go away whenever you want is similar to owning a holiday home, but costs less and has fewer commitments.

If you holiday regularly, particularly love the North Wales area, and want something more predictable and permanent than booking a caravan every time you want to go on holiday, then purchasing a caravan may be your best option. has a selection of caravans for sale, as well as a high quality fleet of rental caravans. Enjoy discounts for repeat rentals, and enjoy access to the high quality range of features and amenities that the park has to offer, whether you rent or buy a caravan at Oakfield.