The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months

If nature is your thing, but you are bored with the usual scope of wildlife and jungle surroundings, then the Danakil Photography tour will be just the holiday you crave. This tour will be unlike any you have ever taken and nothing you would every experience again. What makes the Danakil Depression such an alluring sight to the enlightened globetrotter would be the fact that not many people are willing to make the journey out here? Indeed, it is a hard route coupled with extreme terrain and villages who do not like outsiders trespassing on their lands. Then there is the actual Depression itself. It is so hot, it is described as hell on earth. Past visitors have described just this, though it is offset by the beauty within. The Danakil Photography tour is only done in the cooler months which is around 3 months of the year when the …

Places To Go In Wakayama Japan


Nachi Falls

Filled with sacred areas that are thought to house Shinto Demi gods this are is a very popular destination as it is home to many water falls. 48 waterfalls to be exact, the pinnacle of which is the Ichinotaki which has a very powerful waterfall descending 133 meters originating in the Kumano mountains. The immense pressure of which is a key factor to the area’s popularity. The overall area called nachi Falls contains japan’s biggest waterfalls and has been a sacred spot for shinto believers for hundreds of years. Caution is to be taken as these special areas are not to be trounced upon and are marked off with Shimenawa rope so be sure to respect the local customs and do not cross one if you come across it.

Tsubo-yu (Tanabe-shi)

This is a very unique spot for tourists as it feature a very interesting natural water phenomenon. …

One of the greatest animal safaris on the planet has got to be Rwanda gorilla tours

One of the greatest animal safaris on the planet has got to be Rwanda gorilla tours. Done in just one National Park which houses around a dozen species of gorillas, it is one of the most fascinating trips a person can take. Rwanda gorilla tours can be done at any part of the year as the weather really does not restrict the tour. There is a rainy season though these are hardly torrential by any means. The light rains do make it uncomfortable to trek in the mud though during this season, permits into the park are cheaper.

There is not much travelling on Rwanda gorilla tours. Guests would have to just get themselves to Kigali, the city that the park is based at and stay at one of the nearby lodges which is just a few minutes’ drive. The guided tour itself is done at the Volcanoes …