TCCS Returning for 2nd Year after 1st Successful Year

The special challenge charity sailing is returning for the second year 2019, after its first successful run in Annapolis in 2018.

The name of this trophy is Triple Crown Trophy of Charity Sailing (TACTICS). The trophy unites three sailing events that are of top class: the first one is the Leukemia Cup, the second one is the CRAB Cup, and the third one is the Hospice Cup. All sailing crews are motivated and encouraged to take part in all three races that are being raced for three worthy causes. In the race, the skipper who is going to finish at the highest position in all of the three races as well as raises the maximum amount of charity fund for all the three charities is going to win the trophy.

Weems & Plath, instrument-maker of Eastport nautical will present this trophy. The trophy has been kept on display in Annapolis at the Market House. This is the place where the event will kick off officially on the 25th of April. John Heintz is the winner of this trophy last year and will be at the reception venues along with the three charity’s leaders.

The Regatta Leukemia Cup is scheduled to be raced on 1st of June. The regatta is raising funds for (LLS) Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and it is in support of the patients of blood cancer.

The CRAB Cup will be raised on 7th of August and the event is raising fund for the sailing program of Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating. The program is for people having some disabilities.

The Hospice Cup will be raced on 14th of September and it is raced is supporting hospice care programs all over the region. The trophy Triple Crown of Sailing will be given to the winner in October.