Why Choose Thailand For Your Next Vacation?

Although Thailand is a regular hot spot for Europeans, many North Americans consider the country to be too far away for a vacation. However, for those who do not mind long distance travel, you are sure to find something of interest when it comes to vacationing in Thailand. Here are just a few reasons on why Thailand should be on your destination list.


One of the great reasons to visit Thailand is for its affordability. The dollar can go a long way in Thailand with a wide range of guesthouses and hotels at affordable prices. Thai food is also incredibly inexpensive with many street food vendors selling dishes to tourists at what you consider pocket change. If you are looking to push the boat out and spend a little more, there are plenty of fantastic resorts and hotels, all for much less than what you would pay back at home.


No matter when you decide to visit Thailand, you are never too far from a bit of sunshine. So, whether you visit Thailand in December or June, you are likely to receive warm weather and relatively clear days. With plenty of activities and sights to take in across the country, you are free to roam around without the worry of bad weather.

Great Beaches

Another reason why Thailand is so popular with tourists is thanks to its endless list of glorious beaches dotted around the country. Being able to immerse yourself in the warm, clear crystal waters is just one enticing factor of what makes Thailand one of the best vacation spots. If you are looking for a beach that is peaceful and quiet or you want something a little livelier and with a party atmosphere, there is a beach for everyone in Thailand.

Getting Around

Getting around Thailand could not be easier thanks to the range of transport modes available. With bus and train routes to get you across cities like Bangkok, you can explore the city with ease and at your convenience. You can also get around the city with a motorbike rental Bangkok Sukhumvit, meaning you are able to weave through traffic and take in all the smells and sights that Bangkok has to offer. If you are wanting to cover a lot of the country, you can get cheap round-trip plane tickets from Bangkok to Phuket.

Friendly Locals

Going to a new country can be a daunting experience, but with most of the locals in Thailand being nothing but friendly and welcoming, you are sure to feel right at home. If you get lost and need directions, there is always someone willing to help steer you in the right direction so do not hesitate to ask. But do make sure that any personal items you carry with you are well hidden as, unfortunately, there is the occasional tourist scam.

With each city and resort in Thailand full to the brim of amenities, friendly locals and tasty Thai food, you are sure to find something you love when it comes to vacationing in Thailand.