Australia is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations for a birding adventure

Australia is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations for a birding adventure. The country is home to an astounding 10 percent of the world’s bird species from the Kookaburra to the endemic birds of paradise. Birds are not the only animals unique to Australia, but marsupials and kangaroos as well. It’s hard not to spot these creatures as well during Australia birding tours. A holiday to this far off land sounds amazing on its own, but what exactly are Australia birding tours and how do you get yourself on board for this journey. Start off by finding a reputable travel company that deals solely in birding tours.

These are different from your basic travel holidays as they are crafted to maximize time for bird watching activities. They also attract the world’s best bird experts to come aboard their team making it an all in one affair. Once you find a good company, you would have to select the right package for the Australia birding tours. If it is a budget holiday, then choose from the available specials. These are the most popular as with this low pricing, birders get to visit multiple destinations across the world. If you would like a fancier option of charter planes and the likes then special Australia birding tours can be crafted just for you. Mind you, this does come at a higher fee.


If you are low on time, then shortened Australia birding tours is the way to go. This would take guests to all of the hotspots on the tour and be completed within 10 days. A main tour, and a widely chosen option is likely to take around a month. Australia is truly rich in bird life and it does require a significant amount of time to see a good deal of them. As guests will be travelling all the way to Australia, Australia birding tours also include visits to the Sydney Opera House and the Australian Zoo. These are major landmarks and a true joy to visit as part of Australia birding tours. The tour can also be photography based. Most birders do not just like to pen down the name of any new birds that they have spotted but to also have an accompanying picture.

Having a second guide along who specializes in photography allows for those pictures to be a little less standard and a lot more professional. On photography based Australia birding tours, guests will first learn about cameras and picture techniques before getting to apply them during bird watching. The photography guide is there to teach this aspect and then also tags along during the day excursions to ensure that group’s members are applying the taught aspects correctly. All Australia birding tours will cover hotels and transport during the trip along with 3 daily meals and the tour guide. Entrance fees to parks are also covered. The transport to the start point of all Australia birding tours are not and guests will have to make sure that they have this covered and arrive on the start day.