Tips When Travelling to Sweden


Sweden is widely known for its numerous contributions around the world- Vikings, the famous clothing line H&M, the furniture stores Ikea, the unique Absolut Vodka, exquisite cars from Volvo, and hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Fernando” of the popular group named ABBA. Aside from these well-know products of the country, Sweden has a lot more to offer when it comes to their green land and beautiful sceneries. Have you ever thought of booking an airplane ticket just to travel around Sweden? By walking in your feet around Stockholm which is the country’s capital city, you can get enough sights already to brighten up your vacation. Visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s in Stockholm that is the Fairytale Drottningholm Palace which serves as the mansion of the Swedish Royal Family. Plan a day trip and stop over the Vasa Museum that explains the rich culture and history of Sweden. If you feel like you need to be at a romantic scene, hop on boat houses at Stromma for it is considered to be the Venice of the Northern Europe. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the town of Visby, Gotland. And never forget to drive to the Land of the Midnight Sun that is at Abisko National Park.


Can’t hide your excitement over these wonderful sights in Sweden? Don’t worry; it’s only a plane ticket away. Here are the tips you can use as a guide for a fun and safe trip to Sweden:

  • Plan your trip ahead of time. Planning makes everything almost perfect. It is also a way for you to budget your travel money and the luggage that you will bring with you.
  • Pack your bag as light as possible. You never want to be the centre of attraction if you have excess luggage with you. Roll your clothes as thinly as possible to allow you more space with one bag.
  • If you are planning to stay for a longer trip and you still don’t want to mess with the expensive price of paying your extra luggage of yours at the airport, make use of parcel courier services. It is the service that acts as a life saviour for it will send your parcel to Sweden.
  • Even if Sweden is the home of Absolut Vodka, there is a strict policy about selling and purchasing high-alcohol volume liquors for these products are monopolized by the country. There is only one or two Systembogalet or liquor store in each town. Make sure to bring an ID with you if you plan on ransacking the beer store. Also, one must be 20 years old and above to be allowed to buy a strong alcohol at Systembogalet.
  • Cheek-kiss greeting is not really popular in Sweden. Unlike other European countries, hugging is more preferred if you are to greet a friend of yours.
  • The best time to visit Sweden is in midsummer in the 3rd Friday of June when the day is usually longer than dark hours of night which means a big celebration for the whole country after being in the dark for several months.
  • Tipping is not necessary but if you are feeling generous you may shell out a 10% tip before leaving.
  • If you need to send anything from home to the current city you’re at the moment, it is suggested for you to get served by a reliable parcel courier to get your parcel to Sweden immediately.
  •   Get ready to dig in to Sweden’s counterpart of chocolate- their very own “pickled herring”. No, a cocoa-made chocolate but a Herring which is a fish. Swedes can munch this food anytime of the day.
  • Be prepared to be invited to “flika”. Swedes are very fond of coffee time or break time.

Overall, when in Sweden, always be polite when it comes to their rules and regulations. And always remember that, wherever you go, whichever country you’re at, always respect the customs and traditions of the people inhabiting the land you are only visiting. If you keep that in mind and live by it, you will receive a very warm welcome from the citizens of the country you are staying at.  Sweden is such beautiful country to see for everyone that is looking for a rich adventure and warm culture.